What's The Fuss? Mealtime With Eat Pakd

Ive carried the constant struggle of trying to maintain a healthy diet while juggling busy mom life, running two businesses, working as many side hustles as I can, and somehow managing to breathe. Its no joke... mealtime is no joke. There are days I'm rushing out the door with a handful of almonds and a wrapped baby-bell cheese in hand, hoping that will keep me going until lunch-time (often times also skipped). Its the reality of my often messy, always crazy life. This is not a "luxury" I can afford when it comes to my toddler. Between sporadic wake times, picky taste and the overall fact that he needs food to survive, the mealtime struggle is one I face everyday. When I first heard of "Eat Pakd" it was how I find out about most things, Social Media. I thought to myself, what a cool concept, would A go for it? and the most important thought on most of our minds... is it expensive? When looking into the company, one thing stood out first... CHICAGO. This glorious company was right here in my own backyard, another small business we could support all while making my life easier- it was/is a win win. We peeked into what EatPakd is all about and found some AWESOME information on their website. Their food is Organic, Locally Sourced and you can curate your own special delivery of delicious meals for your little. Their current menu options include Mac & Cheese, Bean Burritos, Falafels & more. The best part is each meal comes with 4 unique items that you can "pop" apart, so eat all at once, or save for later!

It didn't take long for me to get on board. If I could incorporate his favorites while introducing new health conscious snacks and main courses to his diet wasn't this just a win win anyway? We started our first week and could not be more surprised, excited, pleased you name it! Meal time was no fuss, no mess with Eat Pakd! Our first week arrived in a perfect little box, cooled with ice packs and adorable little packaging, it was perfection. (and seriously my excitement was out of this world)

I pulled them out of the box and much to my surprise they did not take up much space at all, just there, perfectly cute, perfectly packed and ready for eatin'!

And with one quick lift they were right there in the fridge ready for us to just pull out and eat.

(PS I am literally cringing thinking about someone peeking into my fridge :) Now heres the scoop. Our little is in daycare 4-5 days per week. This means they handle lunchtime, so we opted for using Eat Pakd as our dinner option. It allowed for my husband and I to not have to rush home to get dinner cooking, and we were able to just eat a little later and not be as rushed with making just an OK meal. Each night A was super excited to open his "goodie box"! Check out our faves! If your little one is in school, and you pack lunch this is your go to mama, and if you're a working mama, or the stove is your worst enemy, no need to worry any longer. No extra time to pack lunch/make dinner, no long grocery lists, no fuss to mess just Eat Pakd. We've partnered with Eat Pakd to share a special promo to our friends! You can now try Eat Pakd Your first week of 5 meals for just $15! Using Promo Code WINDYCITY Seriously.. don't walk.. run, make your life easier, and kiddos happier with Eat Pakd. follow Eat Pakd! Facebook Instagram

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