We Like To Move It Move It - With The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre

We all have it... the one movie or show our kid can't live without. Our home has had our fair share of the "Hot Dog Dance", the voice of little British Piggies haunting me at night and most recently a little voice singing "I like to move it move it". We've struggled with speech delay, and have experienced a year of EI (Early Intervention) so hearing A's little voice saying anything, let alone singing entire songs, leaves me full of excitement and joy. So when my babe took to the Madagascar movies, was able to talk about them, share with me his favorite character AND sing all of the songs!!! I found myself encouraging him to watch them. The added bonus is that I enjoy them too! Now if you've hit the lottery (sarcasm) with your kid falling for a movie that is from years past; toys, tees or anything for that matter are not readily available for purchase, let alone exist.. So to see that his current FAVORITE series was coming to life right, here in our own backyard, I knew we had to get there, and fast.

Madagascar is showing at The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre,which is located at Navy Pier. Now if you're anything like me you avoid the pier like the plague. Being a native Chicagoan, the thought of dealing with an overwhelming amount of tourists, and parking, and all the other things that go along with being a heavily packed, all over the place Mama like myself- it sounds less than exciting.

Now The Shakespeare Theatre changed all of that for me. The theatre is located smack dab in the center of the pier. They have their own parking section which means you will NEVER not have a place to park (take that full garage!) and bonus they give you a 40% discount on parking. (Our parking fee for the afternoon was $16) The Theatre describes the show as: "A wild and wacky adventure awaits Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, Melman the Giraffe and those pesky, plotting Penguins when they stage a jailbreak from New York’s Central Park Zoo. After busting out of their home and landing on the faraway island of Madagascar, these furry friends encounter the madcap antics of the outrageous King Julien and his fellow island inhabitants in a musical celebration of friendship. The nonstop escapades and rollicking pop score will have audiences of all ages wanting to “Move It, Move It!” with their favorite characters." We parked easily, entered the theatre and were greeted by staff wearing animal headbands! We headed right for the snack station and picked up a lion cup filled with fresh made fruit punch. (We even brought Gloria the Hippo with us- don't ask how I found that) The snack and drink options are limited- so I would suggest packing some extra goodies for your babes, especially if they are around Aydin's age. (he's 3)

The show is 70 minutes long, so be prepared for the younger babes to have moments of distraction. Atleast this is what I expected, to my surprise he was so incredibly excited the entire time that he kept his eyes on the show the ENTIRE time! He screamed out "Gloria" & "Penguins" repeatedly as they made their way around the stage. We sang and danced our entire way through the show- with a full theatre sing and dance along to "I like to move it move it" at the end. Once we left the main theatre, we noticed ropes and children lining up. We thought why not?!?! And found ourselves in line. After just a few short minutes out came the penguins and even Alex the Lion! Aydin was able to walk up, say high and get his program signed.

Bonus- Navy Pier is home to a variety of restaurants, exhibits, shops and activities. We spent the afternoon eating unicorn ice cream sandwiches, riding the rides and just walking the pier enjoying these last days of summer, or atleast what feels like it! I highly recommend you get to the Live adaptation of Madagascar at the Chicago Theatre before its gone for good! BONUS! We've partnered with The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre to share an awesome discount with our friends! Head on over to their website and use promo code PARENT for $10 children's tickets valid for shows between August 10-20th. And Hurry as the show leaves August 27th. Id say it was a successful day

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