The Summer Of Covid

Its been a rough year. Explaining to our only child why he can't see friends, family or even resume life as he know's it has been a heartfelt task. One repeated daily, often times multiple times a day.

The meltdowns, the fear, the tears.

It is full circle. It doesn't mean I don't feel it too, but it stings so much more when they repeatedly ask when this is going to end. And for once you're response is one that you aren't so sure of either.

The past couple of months has gracefully allowed us to head outdoors, reminding us that togetherness in the great outdoors even if just the three of us is important too. constantly scrolling sites for any semblance of a water toy or basketball hoop has provided challenges in itself. But here we are, alive, breathing fresh air and missing all of you.

But know we are ok, happy and we can't wait to see you all again soon.



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