Step Back In Time : Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Did you know there is a real life castle.. yes castle with knights, a queen and court just outside of Chicago? (and many other cities across the US) Medieval Times has been a family affair for Chicagoland families for just over 26 years. And not to reveal my age, but I remember going to Medieval Times as a family, on group or school field trips and as an adult as a fun date night with my now husband. Time after time the dinner and show amaze the child inside of me (and us all). But you see Medieval Times is a bit different than that of my childhood. Times have changed (ha!) You see Medieval Times has gone modern, and replaced all of its Kings with Queens! (three cheers for girl power!) Since Medieval Times beginnings their ruler has been Male, but things at the castle have changed and now its a girl in charge! When I first heard of the change in power, I couldn't wait to get inside to see just how the show had evolved. Providing our young girls and boys with real life examples that women can be strong leaders is of the utmost importance. (especially in todays world) Needless to say I could not wait to share this special moment with my special guys.

Located just outside the Chicago city limits in Schaumburg, there lies the royal castle. The excitement fills the auto as you exit to the castle there with flags a waving and free parking to boot.

Enter the doors and travel through the mists of time to a forgotten age and a tale of devotion, courage and love. Imagine the pageantry and excitement that would have been yours as a guest of the king ten centuries ago. That's exactly what you will experience at North America's most popular dinner attraction. You see the Medieval Times Chicago castle opens 90 minutes before the show, which gives you enough time to explore the entire castle. Enter to collect your tickets where you will receive your cheering section.

You see Medieval times is a real medieval tournament, guests are sectioned off in colors cheering for your respective knight. After collecting your color coordinating passes and crown, pose for pictures with the Royals and browse the massive Hall of Arms. You can admire the elaborate Medieval décor which features coats of arms for many prestigious families and a spectacular array of Medieval weaponry. Purchase your very own sword or shield or other medieval souvenirs to take home. Purchase a ticket to the Museum of Torture, which features reproductions of torture instruments used during the Middle Ages. (may not be suitable for some children) Now If I have a chance to "dress the part" I am always game. I purchased this AMAZING Duster from ASOS months prior and found it the perfect piece to style this awesome event!

Called in by official horns and royal welcome enter the tournament hall and take your seats. Greeted by your very own wench who will serve you throughout the duration of the show. Your wench will serve you roasted chicken, which you’ll eat with your fingers. So dont be afraid to get messy! There are no knives and forks provided with your meal, Rather, guests are encouraged to eat with their hands, just like the people of the medieval times once did. This was a huge hit with our son, as he loved picking things up with his hands- especially the soup with handle!

The show features brilliant costumes and the weaponry of the time, including swords, lances, maces and bolas. The knights and royal court are a great treat but I think the regal Andalusian horses stole the show. The breed are known for their glorious physique and noble temperament. Spanish Andalusian horses are the very same breed of horses used by Medieval royalty.

Outside of learning to lunge, sprint and stay focused during the heat of battle, the horses are also masters of the dance, performing graceful and fluid leaps and promenades in unison. This activity is known as “dressage,” which has ancient European origins. Sometimes referred to as “horse ballet,” it is a training style that plays off a horse's natural athletic ability and willingness to perform. And Medieval times does a great job of really highlighting the grace and poise that these horses carry. We were lucky enough to be seated in the winning section, cheers and screams of our glorious yellow knight was quite the treat for our little one. His face lit up with pure delight throughout the entire show, and at 3 and a half years old he was entertained and focused for the duration of the dinner and tournament.

If your'e in Chicago or anywhere across the country, make sure to checkout your local Medieval Times! It makes for a great escape from reality during spring break or anytime. I would most definitely return with friends, our child or even just a date night. Head on over to our Instagram Page- Follow the contest rules and enter to WIN your very own Family 4 Pack to Medieval Times!

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