Spring into Spring with Colorado Springs

It has been one hell of a doozy lately. From the INSANE clear-out sale at our 1423. Belmont location to the range of emotions leading up to and following it all I knew our family (and myself) was in need of some serious grounding. It was a couple weeks ago that I received an email from Frontier Airlines advertising their fair sale. Being the dreamer I am I click, baited, booked a last minute trip to Colorado Springs. You see Frontier made that choice fairly easy for me with their offering of $20 one way fairs.

Why Colorado Springs? Well it was the deal of the day, my husband and I adore Colorado and, well we just needed some serious family time. We packed our bags and headed for O'hare- we made use of way.com for parking reservations- its a website which finds you affordable short term or long term parking near airports with shuttles to and from your car. We booked our reservation for just under $30 for three days- navigating via ubers with a small child, and the mountain of items with you, accompanied with a later return time we opted for the comfort of our own auto for to and from the airport. We arrived in Colorado Springs, picked up our rental car and headed for our airbnb. Exiting the airport doors youre greeted with fresh mountain air and the overwhelming glorious view of snow capped mountains as far as your eyes can see. We could not wait to get out and explore. Now im a nut when it comes to planning, I did my research and (tried) to plan it all out for where to go and what to see along the way. First stop top rated Colorado Brewery and restaurant Phanton Canyon

When you think brewery you dont always think "kid friendly"- totally not the case at ............ we were greeted by a friendly server and were provided with a kids menu and activities to keep A entertained. The menu had some serious options and we wanted to try them all Sliders Calamari Salad Fish & Chips And well of course you do not go to a brewery without sampling their beer, and wow it was delicious. We headed for our home front via airbnb and made ourselves at home before heading out. I absolutely LOVE the ease and comfort of an airbnb. I have rented them for international vacations, girls trips, conferences, and weekend getaways for a few years and they never disappoint. Having a home base to relax at night- with our without kids is so nice. I dislike more than anything a crammed hotel room, especially with a rambunxious child. Bonus with our Colorado Springs rental was the lounge backyard, and within walking distance of downtown. Day two! We knew there was a ton we wanted to see while in CS, so we had to narrow it down (which was oh so hard to do) the good news was that everything seemed to be fairly close together, with no more than 30 minutes driving time each way. First stop

Royal Gorge Bridge this almost 100 year old bridge sits on 360 acres of gorgeous American land, and is complete with amusement attractions, featuring a breathtaking gondola ride, a museum, bar and grill. (I totally chickened out on this one, I am VERY afraid of heights) thankfully my husband is not and was able to take our son for a ride (as my heart skipped several beats) across the ..... via the gondola. the bridge also offers a small restaurant/bar, museum, zip lining and "the worlds scariest ride".

We like to dive right in to local living, so on our way back in to CS we stopped at a shop full of moccasins and furs! We had our fair share of fun trying on head-dresses, moccasins and furs!

If you google Colorado Springs, one of the first "must see" sites is The Garden of The Gods. We drove back towards CS making our way to this gorgeous natural wonder. The mountain area is gorgeous, aside from that there are roads, stop off points, and easy to navigate beginners hiking trails to get full view of the peaks, surrounding cities, and mountains. So no hope is lost for those who may not be able to hike the trails, as the drive through provides you with a gorgeous view.

The following morning we were blessed with the most beautiful of weather days during our short trip. We headed for ....... to visit 7 Falls. A gorgeous natural wonder of 7 cascading falls. Shuttle buses pick you up at a parking lot in gorgeous..... and bring you to the gates of 7 Falls- here you pay a small entrance fee and have the option of taking a shuttle or walking the hills to the top where the falls are located.

At the top we stopped for a cup of coffee, took in the views in their outdoor rocking chairs and listened as the water came down the mountain. Even here, a natural wonder of the 7 falls they built a ELEVATOR in the side of the mountain so viewers could access a platform to take in the full view! (Colorado really seems to be conscious of all people). Aside from the elevator there are VERY steep steps you can access to take you to the top of the falls at different platforms! After the falls we headed for Manitou Springs- a boutique type town situated on hills through the mountain side filled with a plethora of small shops, restaurants and even the worlds largest arcade! We opted for a stop at the local brewery before departing town for a beer flight and apps to enjoy the gorgeous weather and mountain views. It was time to head to the airport, and we saved some of the best for last. Now if you head to Colorado Springs, with or without kids you absolutely MUST stop at The Airplane Restaurant. Situated (fittingly) near the airport the restaurant allows guests to dine in a vintage fighter plane. You read that right- Booths are situated in the airplane and kids can explore and play in the original cockpit. The restaurant/bar is covered in vintage and modern airplane memorabilia and staff is outfitted in pilot and various plane staff gear.

The menu is a vintage style newspaper and the food did not disappoint. Needless to say Colorado Springs left a lasting impression on our memories as a family, and our hearts!

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