Radio Flyer: Celebrating 100 Years With A Trip Through Our Imagination

This past Saturday we popped into the Radio Flyer "Adventure Travel Agency" in Chicago's Lincoln Square.

A little history: from humble beginnings founder Antonio Pasin came to America with a background in furniture design, and used his love for design to build wooden wagons by hand. What started as the Liberty Coaster line grew into the Radio Flyer brand we know today. It was not without these humble beginnings that the brand would not be where it is today. As times of the 20's grew tough, America learned how to make do, or simply do without. Even in those tough times, Americans dreamed of a better life for their children, and continued to demand Pasin’s wagons and the basic value they delivered. In 1933 Chicago hosted the World's Fair and Radio Flyer constructed a 45ft coaster boy to display at the fair. This was one of the fair's biggest attractions- they also offered miniature wagons for 25 cents. Radio flyer endured difficult times like all American's during the 40's, as they stopped production of the wagon in order for founder Antonio Pasin to join the call to action. Upon the return of wagon production, Radio Flyer was a household name, they made use of various marketing efforts to further mainstream their line of wagons, from gardening for adults to collaborations with Mickey Mouse. The brand has grown over the years but on thing remains the same. Radio Flyer is an American staple, and without them childhood would be a little less fun!

When I first heard Radio Flyer planned to open a "travel agency" I have to admit I was a little perplexed. After watching the promotional video I could not help but think WHAT AN AMAZING IDEA, and how can we get on the first wagon to

"Planet of the Evil Unicorns"!

Check out the promo video here

Upon our arrival we were greeted with cotton candy, balloons and of course wagon parking. We entered the travel agency and were welcomed by the official travel team. Aydin's first move was to make his way to the variety of Radio Flyer vehicles on display.

We made our way over to pickup our passport (you cant travel to magical lands without your passport!) We chose "planet of the evil unicorns" as our destination, it definitely was a difficult decision, as "stinky broccoli forest", "dragons butt kingdom" and "cotton candy swamp" sounded pretty good too!

we jumped in line to board our wagon to greet evil unicorns! Radio Flyer so graciously gifted us matching T-shirt to commemorate our travel adventure, a matching poster, postcards and a handful of weapons to protect yourself against dragons, and monsters! (dont fret they were really bug spray, hand sanitizer and sunscreen)

After taking a picture to document our amazing trip to our chosen magical land we parted ways with our new friends at Radio Flyer, who truly empower creativity, childhood imagination and our love for a good time!

Make sure to visit their website and social media outlets for announcements on how they are celebrating their 100th birthday all month long!

instagram: @radioflyerinc

(Hint the worlds largest wagon is making its way to Michigan Avenue!!!!

Happy 100th Radio Flyer!

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