Peanut : The New App For Modern Mamas

Making friends is tough business.

I mean lets face it, even though I like to think Im funny, cute, smart and have copious amounts of useless knowledge stored in this brain- making new friends is the pits.

I started writing when Aydin was born, there was this girl inside who was fun, outgoing, made people laugh, enjoyed long walks down Division Street and did not discriminate when it came to booze; red, white or blue it didn't matter. I was dying to express myself, and not lose site of the girl I had been for the (ahem) 30 years prior to being his Mama. At the same time it felt as though my friends who had not experienced Motherhood yet alienated me, it was almost as though I was a completely different person and they just couldn't fit me into their lives. I yearned for friends that I could talk about and share in this new life. Writing was an outlet to express all of these new adventures in Motherhood and hope that somewhere out there, there was a girl just like me reading what I had to share.

But you see making friends as a Mom is ridiculous. We come to a playdate or meeting at the park or wherever, with an obvious common denominator, but "closing the deal" gives me the distant reminder of college dating. Ive met the boy (in this case girl) he/she seems cool, we laugh, we chat, we have tons in common (I see you girl in those superstars) BUT how do I go about saying "hey you seem amazing, can we be friends?."

Insert Peanut App - a new app for the Mama like me, who is struggling to make friends that fit into their new role/life. Now I missed out on the whole swipe left, swipe right dating game, (not sure if that is a bad thing) so at times I live vicariously through my single girlfriends who tell me stories of Tinder dates. When I heard about Peanut and that it was essentially an app for Mamas set up to operate similarly to Tinder I was more than excited.

Myself and other local Mamas were invited to the official Chicago launch of the Peanut App. We gathered at Summer House Santa Monica in Lincoln Park, (check out my restaurant spotlight)to learn about the app, but also enjoy what founder Michelle Kennedy had dreamed up. Not only did we get to enjoy conversation, an amazing lunch and learning about Peanut- we truly made connections. You see- Peanut did its homework, it put together a group of women who have more than just being a Mama in common.

Peanut has an interesting back story too! Founder Michelle Kennedy was a new mom 3½ years ago. She was browsing Instagram during an early morning feeding and saw all of her friends posting photos from a night on the town. She wished she could find new friends to share her "new life" with- as her core group of girlfriends had not had children yet.

That led her to creating Peanut, an app being marketed as "Tinder for mom friends." She's the co-founder and CEO. London-based Kennedy is no stranger to dating apps: She's the former deputy CEO of the dating app Badoo and was on the board of Bumble, another dating app. (In fact, she's the one who came up with the name "Bumble." The name "Peanut" was also her idea.)

Signing up for Peanut is similar to signing up for many of the dating apps. You connect with your Facebook account- this helps guarantee the person joining is in fact a real Mom. After that, you enter how many children you have and their ages, you then pick three words or phrases to describe yourself, ranging from fun things like "hot mess" and "wine time" to more serious signifiers like "single mama" and "special needs."

Swipe up to "wave" at another mom; swipe down to say "not now" — "there's no element of rejection on Peanut," Kennedy said — and then you can start chatting within the app. (Although a publicist declined to say how many users the app has, more than 1 million “waves” have evidently been sent.) Peanut allows you to schedule a coffee date or playdate or you can just use it to find someone else to talk to when you feel like you’re the only person in the world who’s awake.

Think about it? In the palm of your hands their are hundreds of other local women who you can connect with. You can check out the Bio of a local Mama, see what she's into, how many kids she has and what her overall style and personality is. Who knows your best friend could be sitting there waiting for your wave.

What are you waiting for.... Get the App today!

Look at these hot Mamas!

Location: Summer House Santa Monica

Photo: Glimpses by Brooke

Peanut App is currently only available on iOS.

Other formats coming soon

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