Make Back To School Shopping Fun Again

We’ve highlighted some shopping trends that bring the excitement back in back to school shopping.


Being a kid is fun, it’s the only time in your life you get to live in the perpetual judgement free fashion world. Who else can rock a princess dress and cowboy boots to costco on a Sunday afternoon, and passer-byers are thinking “you go girl (or boy)”

I often tell our customers that accessories are the best friend of the uniformed kid. Spring for the extra special backpack, the embroidered pins or patches for their pre-existing jean jacket, or hat. It allows the child to express their fun side while maintaining a strict uniform policy. (hey we all like to bend the rules now and then)


Not the banking kind- (that’s a post for another day) but invest in quality pieces that are going to last through the school year. Sometimes springing for multiple pairs of less expensive shoes,or clothing tend to not last as long as quality garments or accessories. Quality well made products can take you through the school year and sometimes even through summer break.

We love hip and trendy American made brands like Tiny Whales & Joah Love

Buy Multiples

Back to school shopping is a an $84 billion dollar business. Its not just mamas doing all the shopping either, its big business for big business. Use back to school season to take advantage of discounts on office supplies, Kleenex, paper towels and other things you hate buying on a regular basis and stock up.

Let Them Shine

If your’e a parent that receives the long list of needed school supplies. Take your kid with you. I know it sounds insane- but they will thank you later. I remember back to school was such a fun time growing up, the idea of having new folders (hey Lisa Frank) and a backpack or sneakers that I picked out was what made it special. Plus like me, they will never forget those moments spent shopping with you.


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