All The Reasons Why You Need to Head to LOLLAPALOOZA (WITH KIDS)

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All The Reasons Why You Need to Head to Lollapalooza (WITH KIDS)

Lollapalooza infects the city with culture, happiness and a vibe like no other. Start your Lollapalooza experience with tickets. The price tag may seem high but keep in mind Kids 10 and under are free, so if you’re taking your small fry or fries you’ll only have to worry about your own ticket. Grab one for Dad, partner or friend for double the fun and double the fries.

Which Pass is right for me?

I took my newly 4 year old all 4 days. I say go big or go home. The snacks, the music, the picnics was enough to keep him entertained all day.

If you're concerned, a single day could also work.

The Food:


Highlighting Chicago staples but also, some rare finds. HELLO LOBSTER CORN DOG- options for the entire family, including popsicles to cool down tiny hands.

Planning your day at Lolla with Kids!

Check out the bands and stages where you’re thinking of attending before you go. Pre-listening to some of your favorites with your kiddo makes the entire experience even more special. (Insert Post Malone Fandom here) The smaller stages offer lighter sounds, often interactive and the kid bands are great in the Kidzapalooza section.

Bring Sunscreen/bugspray, girlfriend do I even need to say this? Its outdoors, its hot, and (hopefully) sunny- and yes there are bugs (you know the skeeters)

Stroller/blanket - small fries get tired too. Smart to have something for them to sit in and take a break, or bring a blanket for some chill time.

Bubbles, glow sticks and light toys- Its a long day, take a break with some fun. its also a festival- let them go cray with the glow sticks.

Fanny Pack or Backpack:

Easily accessible and can hold all of the things

What you don't need to worry about!

Entertainment, the music the food , the activities its all an experience in itself, bound to keep your little one's eyes aglow with excitement.


A special place just for the kids, play instruments, get your face painted, make a custom treat, chill out with snow cones and learn how to DJ. the shows, activities and sweet treats are enough to keep them entertained, while also giving you a much needed break.

DO IT- don't be worried that you or your kiddo will be overwhelmed. Its a beautiful scene with tons to do and see, and an experience you won't forget.

my little guy proclaimed "BEST 4 DAYS EVER"

Get your tickets here --> LOLLAPALOOZA

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