LOL Magic With LOL Surprise

If you've got a kid who is Youtube obsessed (don't judge) like I do then I'm fairly certain you are familiar with what is the LOL phenomenon. LOL Surprise products made by MGA Entertainment, are this seasons Holiday must have item. From the giant surprise ball with 50 items to the LOL Charm Fizz balls- stores are frantically trying to stock their shelves and consumers are chasing down deals in order to get their hands on a single piece. What is LOL?? Various sized balls are unwrapped layer by layer, revealing a prize as you continue to unwrap. Kids enjoy the surprise element of not knowing what they are going to get and parents thrill in the excitement as their child peels back each layer. Aydin is currently OBSESSED with the LOL surprise toys, (thanks, youtube) and we have amassed quite the collection! Check out our fun-filled bathtime with the LOL Surprise Charm Fizz Balls! What is the LOL Surprise Charm Fizz Ball? Think LUSH Bath bombs for kids- with a surprise inside! Begin by unwrapping your ball to reveal in the first layer a finger ring tattoo, then the second a sticker! followed by the bath bomb itself. Drop the bomb into the water and watch it fizz and bubble to reveal a surprise charm! Now I'm all for a good bath bomb, and seeing that I am a boy mom I sometimes dream of days of dressing baby dolls, and all things pink and frilly (thank goodness for my two nieces Sofia & Sara) but these bath bombs had me when a peek of the little charm revealed itself. Instantly I was thinking about my childhood, to those charm bracelets & necklaces of the 80’s, remember those? Simply groovy plastic charms that hooked onto bright lightweight chains and the charms had little jingle bells attached to them?!?!? Terrific paired with your favorite jelly shoes, insane socks, and bright colored short sets or rompers. Charms dangled from safety pins, from zippers, even lapels! (see mine below- (this is a reproduction we have on display at the shop)

We began our LOL Surprise Bathtime with 2 of the charm balls, you see we always have some on hand for bathtime and it is just as exciting for Aydin to be surprised by which color the balls will be. The balls actually change the water-color dependent upon which one you unwrap, pink blue or green which will it be? For size reference, these are smaller than the palm of your hand. Patiently waiting to unwrap the first layer

Unwrapped! This evening its PINK for the win!

This may be the best part, feeling the bubbles as they fizz in your hands, and color the bath water! Charms!!!! And we have a water bottle, chalkboard, soccer ball and notebook! (2 are from previously opened bath bombs- each LOL Surprise charm fizz comes with one charm) Well and just for giggles... Were sharing the seasons must have toy's with YOU! Simply 1. head on over to our Instagram page and "like" our giveaway 2. Follow our page! 3. Tag a friend to gift them a win of the awesome surprise package! 4. Receive an extra entry for heading to our Facebook page and give us a big "like"

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