Little Getaways: Indianapolis

All the reasons why you should stop what you're doing and visit INDY!

Indiana has always been a second home for me. I spent several of my “make or break” teenage years in the southern tip of America’s crossroads. My time in Indiana has left me with a better understanding of what true American culture is, how Friday nights really do have lights, and that we have the country right outside our back door ( or in my current case, just a couple hours drive away)

My husband and I decided to further savor life’s little moments and spend several days just “escaping” our routine and heading to a neighboring city or town to just have some good ol’ fashion fun.

First stop: Indianapolis

Thanks to the help of our friends over at Visit Indy we mapped out our day spent in the "circle city". (If youre planning a trip to Indy we suggest visiting their site, and also reaching out to them directly for some amazing recommendations for places to dine, things to see and accommodations)

After figuring out our gameplan and prepping for the short drive from Chicago (roughly 3 hours) we packed up our little family, buggy, snacks and all of the other road trippin’ necessities and headed for Indy.

**Prior to heading out the door we mapped out our day in Indy with a no-brainer first stop of the Indianapolis Childrens Museum. What is noted as the largest children’s museum in the world, (seems intimidating I know) we could not wait to explore. Their website mentions that the museum holds over 120,000 artifacts and specimens and at any given time is host to more than 15 specialized exhibits. Needless to say it was our definite first stop after our drive- little legs couldn’t wait to get out and stretch, touch and explore!

Upon our arrival to the museum we parked in their amazingly convenient parking garage- I MEAN FREE PARKING! And headed across the walkway to the museums main entrance.

Once inside we sprinted towards their center walkway which is a giant spiral ramp that leads into various exhibits. We had loads of fun just walking up and down the ramp and admiring the AMAZING blown glass exhibit in the center.

We entered a water and play area which was a huge hit, from the air blowing balls to the climbing area, our little guy would have let us spend the entire day in this single exhibit. It was so nice to allow him to explore and test his own physical limits in a space that was safe and also exciting.

Next stop- it isn’t a visit to Indy without a trip down Indy 500 memory lane (that’s a post for another day) but check out this sweet little racer in his very own Indy 500 car!

Now I have to admit this was my most favorite part of the entire museum- I am a circus lover, it was a tradition since childhood, my now husband and I went on our first date to the circus, and we love visiting the Ringling museum in Sarasota when we visit my in-laws. So to see a Ringling exhibit at the museum was AMAZING. We were able to explore all of the props and pieces that I grew up saying “I could do that” (trust me I cant) but it was so exciting to watch our little one explore all of the fun props!

After a ride on the carousel- followed by some more imaginary play we made our grand exit down the Chocolate slide and headed out for a stroll downtown Indy and dinner.

Through our recommendation from our friends at Visit Indy we visited the famed Old Spaghetti Factory for some delicious dinner. Greeted with an old world feel complete with train car in the center of the restaurant (you can actually dine inside) we headed to our comfy booth for some dinnertime fun. Awesome kids menu, complete with crayons and fruity drink topped with cotton candy was a real hit.

(his face just cracks me up!)

After dinner we headed for a stroll down Indy’s downtown area and stumbled upon Rocket Fizz a REAL old fashioned candy store with all the fixins. This was the real icing on the cake of our trip- from exploring a giant museum to a cotton candy topped drink, and now a candy store from what only dreams are made of, Indy and all of its amazing gems created THE dream day, for not only our little guy but our family as a whole.

We cant wait to get back and “Visit Indy” again!

(he did not even make it back to the car)

A Big THANK YOU to our friends at

The Indianapolis Children's museum is set to open a Sports Legends Experience within the next year- featuring car racing, basketball and various other sports themes experiences for the entire family!

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