Are We Really Doing This ? Ditch the Kid & Head to Milwaukee

I mean like really doing this? Leaving our 2-1/2 year old for the first time as a solo couple, and heading off for an overnight of some fun? We had talked about it for what seems like ages, but after our recent commitment to living more and worrying less, along with our desire to explore new cities, we knew we needed to make it happen.

Backtrack to the months prior to our getaway, our conflicting schedules had been insane and we were passing each other like ships in the night, I never thought I would be competing against my child and (sometimes) dog for some one on one time. But hey it happens, we all get in that rut of the same ol' same ol' routine, and unfortunately the spontaneity of our youth no longer exists with little feet running amuck. I mean sometimes the simplest of things feels like it took months to plan, confirm the sitter, doubting yourself if you should even do it, "but oh ill miss him", packing the bags, making the meals, its all so overwhelming at times we tend to just put it off. NOT THIS TIME MAMA!

I had read about the Brewhouse Inn and Suites located just a little over an hours drive from Chicago in Milwaukee, and put it in the back of my mind on the list of "id like to see that someday". Flipping through the pages of our calendars and thinking "how the hell am I going to make this work" when BAM there you have it, two days of complete and utter (GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE) no plans. When it was time to put this plan into action I undoubtedly enlisted the help of our friends at Brewhouse Inn to help me plan our

overnight getaway.

First Step Lodging:

Our new friends at the Brewhouse were beyond accommodating, informing me of the several packages they offer and allowing us to choose the one that best suited us!

And the winner was:


"Live like a beer baron for a night and enjoy a Milwaukee-inspired experience with this package. A six-pack of PBR, two souvenir Brewhouse glasses, and two tickets to the landmark Pabst Mansion will be delivered to your suite upon arrival. You'll also receive valet parking privileges throughout your stay."

We opted for a suite, separate bedroom with living room, kitchen and pull out sofa (perfect for if you're bringing the kids along!)

I mean??? what is not to love? BEER, A NIGHT AWAY, FREEDOM, it was all coming back to me now, those days of not having plans and just being spontaneous, and also selfish- a luxury I can no longer afford.

The hotel itself is just downright "cool" sports memorabilia (they even hosted a replica World Series ring!) it was all about sports and beer here!

Our contact at Brewhouse Steven offered some amazing recommendations for us to help us map out our time in Milwaukee.

Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub – On Site – this bar is where the grain and wheat used to be stored in order to make the Pabstbeer….which was in the hotel kettles, located on the 2nd floor, of the hotel – be sure to check out the copper kettles – very impressive!

And my gosh those copper kettles are impressive!!

Lakefront Brewery – great brewery with food situated on the Milwaukee River…be sure to take a tour…the guides are hilarious and the beer is delicious! This brewery was once an old power plant, providing electricity to the City of Milwaukee.

Our first stop (literally our GPS took us to the front doors direct from Chicago) this was by far my favorite place in Milwaukee. Modeled after a dining hall this wide open space is friendly and welcoming.

Tons of beers on tap! They let you sample as many as you would like!

Food and beer are in two different areas, (BONUS their cheese curds were voted best in Wisconsin) we ordered our food, chose our favorite beer (Andrew went with a blonde and I chose the lemon!) and awaited our meal... lightening speed later it was out...... LOOK AT THIS SPREAD

the view wasn't too shabby either

We unfortunately did not have time for it but we heard the tour is absolutely AMAZING- we will have to catch that next time!

We really lucked out with the timing of our overnight. It was opening day week (go cubs go) and we were ready for some baseball, I happened to look at the cubs schedule and BAM there it was, the stars had perfectly aligned and we were able to see our Cubbies take on the Brewers in Milwaukee.

Seeing a baseball game in Milwaukee has a ton of advantages, lets be real- going to Wrigley on any given day, with parking/public trans, the price of a ticket (holy cow those have gone up) a hot dog, a beer or three and don't even mention taking the kids with too- can run you the price tag of a new Louis Vuitton bag.

Milwaukee is just over an hours drive, the tickets are half to a third of the cost,

look at these seats!

the ballpark has a roof, so even on bad weather days you're good to go, and not to mention the plethora of kid friendly activities and exhibits in park!

BONUS!!! The Brewhouse offered a free shuttle to and from Miller Park!

After the game we headed downtown Milwaukee on Water Street, for what we called "college night" (not only because I think we were the only people in the bars over 25 but also we drank like we were in college again)

The next morning we paid for it.. thankful for the complimentary breakfast and lots of electrolytes we packed in our overnight bag we headed across the street for our final recommendation from our friends at Brewhouse!

Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery "located adjacent to the hotel – this is a historic old building where Captain Frederick Pabstuse to have his office…which you can see if you take the tour. You can even get a pic with King Gambrinus, the Patron Saint of Brewing"

A perfect walk over from the hotel having ZERO ambition to move, breathe or smile we walked over to the shops at the brewery

We enjoyed looking at the large collection of vintage/antique beer advertising and products. It was the true essence of American culture and history encapsulated within four small walls. We picked up some souvenirs and ended our Pabst trip

with a little praise to the King

We packed our car and headed for the Homefront with one last stop LUNCH.

I had asked friends and media contacts what the BEST place in milwaukee was to get a fantastic (hangover friendly) lunch- it was unanimous "go to AJ Bombers" they said.

So we did.......

And my gosh we were amazed. Lets start with the decor, part college, part awesome hipster hangout- the floors are covered in peanut shells, and they deliver them to tables via bombs that fly overhead attached to custom made rigs and explode opening the peanut container when they make contact to their desired destination. (WOWZA)

Needless to say the bloody Mary's were delicious, complete with Miller back, and the burgers and appetizers were tasty and just greasy enough to cure the worst of the hangovers!

Milwaukee we loved you. I think were going to be great friends.

See you soon!

Thanks to our friends at

Brewhouse Inn & Suites

Lakefront Brewery

Best Place- Pabst

AJ Bombers

Milwaukee Brewers Tickets HERE

We Missed you buddy!

Love from our Little Pabst "Shortie"- Did I mention Best Place has THE best Gifts?

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