A Chicago Staple for 84 years - JP GRAZIANO

Whether you're from Chicago or not, chances are you have that one Sub Sandwich where if you think hard enough you can actually taste it. The kind if easy go-to place that leaves lasting memories for your taste buds and often times your heart.

Insert J.P Graziano- a West Loop Staple, a family run business, and with a history that will pull at your heart strings.

Vincenzo Graziano came to America via Italy like many people of the time, stowed away in a ship engine room. Once in Chicago worked his way from street peddler to grocery store owner. In 1937 he acquired the now Randolph & Peoria location as a warehouse to store his wholesale Italian Goods. As the business continued through the generations, it was 2008 when Jim Graziano, with his fathers blessing to open a Sub Shop at the warehouse location. Business quickly grew, word got out, and block long lines quickly formed.

When you walk in, its like going to your aunts house for Sunday dinner. You're greeted often times with "hows it going, nice to see you again, or hows your family" and your order is taken, you grab a soda or chips, maybe a jar of muffuletta or giardiniera and head to the window, while chatting up with the Graziano family who treat all inside like family.

I have many memories of grabbing a sub with my little boy, my husband, my co-workers and friends. The experience, the atmosphere, and just a Damn Good life changing sub remain the same.

Today J.P Graziano celebrate 84 years in business. 84 years, multiple generations, a pandemic, a depression and today a honorary street sign.

Buon compleanno - Bravo!

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