Dinner With A Pigtale Twist

One of my favorite parts of summer is grilling- don't get me wrong there has been plenty of times I have run out in my boots and winter jacket to grill up a steak or two in the dead of Chicago Winter. (thats for another post)

BUT there is nothing like fresh Veggies, steaks, chicken, fruit I mean everything goes on our grill. I jar corn salsa in the fall, and make homemade tomatillo salsa in the winter (mmm instert grilled garlic, jalapenos and tomatoes here)

Right now we are going through a grilled anything to create warm summer salads phase......

And then there was a Pigtale Twist- Our newest OBSESSION. Pigtale Twist is a brand of dressings that can be found at your local Chicago Grocer. Think restaurant style super garlicky homemade dressing- the kind that you cant seem to find anywhere at the local grocer, and forget about making it at home it NEVER turns out just right.

I took a chance and bought the Pigtale Twist at my local grocery. The cute little chubby bottle and whimsical logo said "you know I taste good- go ahead and give me a shot", The bottle also read something AMAZING. It is made at Lambs Farm......

If you were a kid that grew up in the Chicago-land area, it is quite possible your summers included field trips or weekend parent trips to THE lambs farm.

Lambs Farm is a nonprofit organization that serves men and women with developmental disabilities. They provide exceptional vocational, residential, recreational and social opportunities for their Participants. There are five businesses for the community to visit - Magnolia Cafe & Bakery, Farmyard & Attractions, Dogwood Pet Shop & Boutique, Sugar Maple Country Store, and Cedar Chest Thrift Shop.

Here is a little snippet of Lambs Farm's Mission:

"To our residents, Lambs Farm is home, and a place they are proud to share with our visitors. To our visitors, Lambs Farm is also a place to grow through enriching experiences with people with developmental disabilities while creating lasting connections with their families and ours."

Needless to say when I read that on the bottle I thought "Your'e coming home with me." There is nothing better than finding a brand that serves the purpose of both fulfilling your own personal need but also doing good in the long run. (See our post on Rockin' Baby on the blog)

I mean not only did the mention of Lambs Farm have me at "hello"- but SERIOUSLY look at those ingredients!

Because I was SO intrigued (and in love) I reached out to Pigtale Twist directly and the LOVELY owner Meg Dhamer responded with some AWESOME info on her products!

" The actual residents of Lamb’s Farm are my manufacturer. And I am now their largest employer. It has taken me 8 years to be able to say that but I finally can. It means the world to me. Pallets of bottles, my labels, caps and ingredients are delivered to their Country Store on the 52 acre property. They label my jars, make my products and we ship directly from their loading docks to 90 specialty grocers throughout the Midwest. My products are all certified Gluten-Free, non-GMO, no sugar in 4 of the 5 flavors, 1/3 the calories naturally and have miniscule amounts of sodium. All ingredients are sourced Midwest local such as Oberweis Sour Cream, Heavy Cream & Buttermilk, St. Pete Select Blue Cheese from Faribault, MN and a terrific grainy mustard from Eau Claire, WI. And we give back to the Farm for everything we sell. One day, if I take my company national, I would love to open more Lamb’s Farm perhaps on the West Coast, East Coast, Southwest, Southeast as there is currently an 18 year waiting list to reside at Lamb’s Farm and no other places like it. I meet a lot of elderly parents with special needs adults and whether wealthy or not… they are SO WORRIED as to where they’re child will end up when they can no longer care for them."

Listening to Meg speak so passionately about her product and the story behind how it is made is awesome. She has inspired us in SO many ways. THANK YOU MEG!!!!

(Meg/Pigtale Twist have an AMAZING Instagram account with recipes and inspiration check it out HERE)

So dinner time was once again upon us we popped open the grill, threw on our favorite Filet's from Trader Joe's, some organic corn on the cobb

(I picked ours up from The Logan Square Farmers Market) and it was time to build a salad.

What you will need:

2 8oz pieces of meat (your choice) or sub with seasoned Tofu

1 small persian cucumber

handful of cherub tomatoes (seriously whatever brand you choose- I just kind of like the name)

1 corn on the cobb- seasoned with salt and pepper and misted with our garlic olive oil (Trader Joes)

8 croutons- we have homemade- crushed in a ziploc snack bag- think breadcrumbs but not as small

in this case crumbled queso fresco - but really any cheese will do

thinly sliced purple onion

mixed greens

enough Pigtale Twist to lightly coat your salad!

Season corn, and wrap in aluminum foil- place on grill for 10 minutes rotating sides occasionally- to evenly cook. (the tin foil will help steam the corn to get an even cook, without blackening)

at 5 minute mark of corn on the grill throw on your protein- cook on each side for 3-4 minutes (we like ours medium- and sear first for 1 minute each side)

Remove meat from grill wrap in aluminum foil and let continue to cook inside. Remove corn from aluminum foil and place directly on grill. This will blacken your corn a bit and give it a nice grilled flavor.

Remove corn from grill once a fork is easy to penetrate kernels.

Layer all toppings atop the mixed greens- cucumber, tomatoes, queso fresco, onions, and slice kernels off cobb and toss in to salad. Top with protein, your crumbled croutons- and ALAS your PIGTALE TWIST!

I promise you can thank me later.

P.S We used our "Real McCoy" the following evening on some delish loaded baked potatoes- they did not disappoint!



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