Brand Spotlight: Aioty NYC

Each season during "Market' I travel across the country to visit various tradeshows to search for the newest, coolest and most unique items for the shop. Several things come to mind when searching for our newest pieces- Style, Quality, PRICE, and what makes the piece stand out or unique from everything else in the marketplace.

If you have not had the chance to visit the shop (in person) I suggest you pop on by and say "hey". The store is not a "typical" kids clothing boutique- its different, its hip, its whimsical and its what being a kid is all about- our selection is hand picked- hand selected for the Mama and kid who is a little outside the box, a trendsetter, and basically just really cool.

I try my best to buy from women designers, especially those who have kids. I find that moms have a "been there done that" mentality when it comes to children's clothing. The cuts, the versatility the design all come from trial and error, in what better life experience than being a Mama.

In the Children's market we purchase items a season in advance. Yep- Meaning that in March I am buying clothes for Winter and in July I am buying clothes for the following spring. It makes the seasons (in real life) seem so short! So this past March I traveled to NYC for "Children's Club"- a who's who showing for children's fashion and accessories!

Traveling to this show is such a highlight to the opening of the Market Season. New York is one of my favorite places on earth- the hustle and bustle, the way I can walk for miles and not see the same thing twice, the blisters, the smell of kebabs and chestnuts on every corner. Its some kind of magical.

As I was walking the floor at the Children's club, i stumbled across a tiny little booth with two small racks, vibrant and whimsical prints, peter pan collars, leatherette leggings. (They had me at leatherette) The line reminded me of Prada 14' AW collection of bold prints in feminine silhouettes with a little bit of edge.

I stepped in to check out the line and thought this is so me, this is so us, this is my customer. (At the time our physical shop was not open yet, matter of fact we had not even finalized the storefront) I pulled the trigger anyway, and here we are 5 months later and they have arrived, and we could not be more excited.

Since my initial order at the show, I have communicated with the Owner and Designer Stephanie Gellon many times. I am so in love with her line and just the fact that she does it all that I wanted to interview her for her very own designer spotlight.

Name: Stephanie Gellon

Owner/Designer of AIOTY NYC

Location: between Guangzhou China and Bangkok Thailand

Birthplace: France

Children: my daughter Talia 10 years old she is in 6th grade at the American school, and my son Yahri 4 years old he is in Pre-k in a dual language school (English and Chinese)

LK: Hi Stephanie! I am so happy to chat with you! Let me start off by saying I am in LOVE with the Aioty NYC AW 16' line! Tell me how did you get in to the fashion industry?

SG: I started working on quality control in various fashion factories.

LK: As far as formal training where did you attend school? What is your major?

SG: I have A Masters in Security and Quality

LK: Why did you decide to design a line?

SG: When I went to New York in 2006 with my husband and my daughter it was difficult to find clothing that I liked for my daughter with reasonable prices, so i decided to create my own line. Initially that is why I started with a line that was designed specifically for girls. In 2012 when my son was born, I edited the collections and started to make some boy clothes too!

LK: What is your favorite piece from the fall 2016 line?

SG: My favorite piece for boy is the para shirt in grey, because i designed that piece for my son, he loves to have a tie just like his father!

for girl is Cam, that skirt reminded me of when i was young, I was in love with spinning with a skirt that fluttered and had a lot of movement (by the way i made 1 in my size so i can continue to spin with my own daughter!)

What was your influence for the fall 2016 line?

The prints were inspired by my travels, bird print, flower print remembered me the nature in Bali, The Grena print was inspired by the mongol in china.

You can shop Aioty NYC on the site NOW! (here)



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