New Week New Arrivals.... The "IT" shoe

As a full bred Fashion lover, I find myself constantly reading glossy fashion Mags (when I manage to find the free time) and drooling over some of my favorite Instagram/Social Media Fashion Bloggers.

Each season, the ladies fashion world dons a new "it" piece- whether it be handbag, accessory, jacket or shoes it happens... people go crazy... and BAM on to the next season for a new hero.

The reigning champ of "it" shoe for kids is brought to you by Native.

Lets start with the stylish design (The Classic Jefferson), all in all similar to our favorite "chucks" with less weight (light as a feather, seriously it will shock you) to the awesome colors- We are in love with Monochromatic everything, so we chose to carry an all turquoise, all purple and the classic Pigeon Grey in store.

Next up function- We just cant.... these shoes are airy, light and easy to maintain- SERIOUSLY! throw them in the sink, bath or dishwasher (on a non high heat level) and they are like new again.

Our little dude has been rocking them since they arrived in store and needless to say mom and babe cant get enough.

Natives are Windy City Bebe approved and you should get your hands on these awesome colors while you still can!



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