Vendor Spotlight: Rockin' Baby

When shopping for items for the shop we are ALWAYS drawn to fun and quirky prints. (If you have not noticed we kind of have a thing for bananas around here) So when we stumbled across Rockin' Baby it was love at first sight, and we knew this was going to be one hell of a relationship.

Other than their eye catching prints, incredibly soft, durable and comfortable fabrics, Rockin' Baby boasts a pretty cool company culture. Its pretty straight forward, every piece you buy they donate one to charity. This goes for everything, their trademark slings, and clothing. They know that as a child grows in certain countries they face even bigger challenges and through no fault of their own can end up in shocking circumstances

Their "Hero" collection is a collection of solid pants, shorts, rompers, tees and dresses- these pieces retail starting from $8! Thats right $8! We could not only believe the price, but also the amazing quality of the Hero collection. The Hero collection are the same pieces that they donate to children in need- so you know that quality goods are being shared with kids all over the globe.

This is a company culture that we are proud to support, each customer that joins us in store is told about their mission. We hope that we can continue to support Rockin' Baby and all that they do to help clothe the beautiful babies of this world.

We currently carry their Spring 16' collection in store and online, and cannot wait to share their Fall 16' collection with you!

Stay tuned!



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