Whats the deal? - Amber Teething Necklaces

I used to be incredibly skeptical about amber teething necklaces until we tried them for ourselves. Since I’ve now had lots of time to compare life before and after we started using one, I am even more convinced that they work.

It’s made me wonder… just why am I quick to reach for medicines made of synthetic materials developed in a lab by humans and yet discount natural remedies that have been used by people for thousands of years- found you guessed it... In Nature!

I am beyond blessed to have learned about Baltic Amber from my best friend E. She married a Lithuanian guy, and was gifted a gorgeous Baltic Amber necklace around their wedding. I have always been fond of this, and once her little guy started wearing one, my initial thought was "HOW COOL" mommy and me necklaces! But NO... she told me about the healing properties of Baltic Amber and I did my own research. First stop - Ask Baba (dad). If you have not figured out by now, my dad is Turkish, full blooded and still with a thick accent. He too confirmed that Amber has been used even in his generation by the elderly for healing properties, and pain associated with ailments such as arthritis etc.

Man made medicines can be amazing, But where is the balance? Why can’t we use a combination of both?

I love the idea that I can help my family naturally… that maybe there are healthier and less invasive ways to ease

discomfort and live well.

Enter amber teething necklaces – a huge help for our family that I’d recommend to anyone.


Commonly known as “teething jewelry” in Europe, Baltic amber has been a natural remedy for pain relief for hundreds of years. It is not a “stone” but a natural resin. As it warms with the body’s temperature, amber releases oils containing succinic acid, a natural pain reliever, which are then readily absorbed into the skin and the bloodstream.

Baltic amber has some of the highest concentrations of succinic acid found in nature, and this is what makes it so special. Succinic acid is a natural component of plant and animal tissues, and its presence in the human body is beneficial in many ways. Amber is known to relieve headaches, teething pain, reduce inflammation of the throat, ear and stomach, and to fight infections and respiratory diseases as it improves the body’s immunity.

Natural amber beaded necklaces are a completely non-invasive remedy for rashes, upset tummies, earaches, fevers and colds. It is a natural analgesic that will help calm your child and is recognized by allopathic medicine specialists as antispasmodic and anti-fever. Many adults report improvement of arthritis discomfort and carpal tunnel pain in their hands when wearing amber jewelry.

(Aydin at 7 months rocking his WCB amber necklace)

It really was a no brainer for me to offer GENUINE Baltic Amber teething necklaces to our loving customers. Why? Because we love babies, thats why. And also because we love mamas. Happy Baby means happy mama too! We have NEVER had excessive crying, fussiness with A during teething. (He got 4 teeth at 4 months) and his teething necklace is now a part of him. He is upset when its not on, and has never once played with it, or seemed as though it has bothered him.

(16 months with the SAME teething necklace)

The Baltic Amber we carry in store is GENUINE and comes directly from Lithuania. Each bead is hand knotted on the thread and should (in rare case) break, only one bead would come off, the beads are not large enough to cause bodily harm if consumed.

Additionally if you are concerned about baby choking in sleep- remove from neck around and wrap around ankle under a sock at nighttime!

What are your thoughts on Amber? Leave your comments below!

Today (22 Months) with the SAME teething necklace!



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