32 Feels SO good!

Yesterday I celebrated my 32nd Birthday. I hit the big three-OH while I was pregnant, and it was well devastating. I know your'e probably thinking (boo-hoo someone shut this whiny B** up) but seriously, I was pregnant, turning 30 (which I now love) and all my friends were busy with their fabulous lives of partying and hitting up the newest most stylish spots in the city, and i was sitting on the couch with a baskin robbin's ice cream.

Here we are 2 years later and life is well... Incredible. There are days I ask myself "is this real life?". Like things sometimes feel like they are too good? Ive created an amazing life for myself, with the help of my biggest supporter my loving, handsome Husband Andrew. Weve got what we think is the coolest, most sweetest little boy around, who ever has us wrapped around his little finger. Our shop is live at our new location and people are loving it so far!

I never realized how quickly life goes by, until we welcomed A into the world. People tell you it goes by fast, and with most unsolicited parenting advice we just nod and say "OK". But its true! I now have a walking- mostly running, talking person. A person with feelings, and emotions who can so openly express them. Its insane really.

My wish or shall I say goal for this year is to truly just soak up the little things, live life to the fullest, take in extra time to just cuddle and not rush and just be a better human being, mom, wife, friend, daughter and sister.

Thank you for following me on this journey!



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