New Year New me: OR New Me Thanks To Yummie Tummie!

If your'e a C- section survivor (thats a post for another day) then you know the struggle is real with your post C bod. Fashion has changed for me, it used to be, throw on whatever you want/like and good to go. Those days are long gone, and I am loving and accepting of the new me (with the help of some go to products). My new FAVE are Yummie Tummie Pants!

(Founded by a Real Housewife of New York Heather Thomson)

I had my first experience with Yummie Tummie while I was shopping the sale rack at my local Nordstrom Rack. I though (like every other new mama) "OH these are nice leggings" and tossed in to my cart they went.

I got home, slipped these babies on and life has never been the same.

I then found that Yummie Tummie is also available in shapewear, tanks, active wear and more. GAME CHANGER.

Look past the never changing image of the "thin" woman wearing shapewear- something I will never understand, and what I think is a problem with our society.. but god thats a post for another day!

Anyway shop Yummie Tummie Here

Thank me later!



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