Restaurant Spotlight: Little Goat

If you have had a chance to head in to Stephanie Izard's (Top Chef) Restaurant Girl & The Goat-, in Chicago's West Loop Neighborhood, then you know her food is TO DIE FOR. My first experience was thanks to my Bestie for my 30th birthday while I was pregnant with A. Needless to say I craved it for a while after.

(I mean check out this "diner")

I had a chance to get to her diner Little Goat on several occasions, and this time was extra special as my eldest brother was in town from NYC. One of his favorite restaurants is Girl & The Goat and we thought no brainer to take him over to the Diner.

(oh hey handsome brother)

They were a little crowded, and the wait time was about 30 minutes, I thought "great, what the heck is my now 16 month old going to do for 30 min". He had a blast just saying "hi" to everyone in the entry waiting area, playing with the decor and well just being a kid. Best part was, no one seemed to mind.

Once we were seated they offered a fun kids menu for him to color which had some pretty good options for kiddos. Everything is made from scratch (can we say hot cinnamon buns?) YES PLEASE!

and the food is unbelievable.

We started with a hot iced cinnamon roll for the table, it was so good we ended up ordering a second. Me the Patty Melt, my brother the omelet and the babe had some hashbrowns, eggs and fruit.

(insert open drooling mouth here)

Id have to say this place gets a BIG FAT 10 for kid friendly, its hustling and bustling which always helps with kids who tend to scream or yell (i swear only on occasion), and the food is incredible.

Take my word for it and head to the LITTLE GOAT!

Check out their menu HERE



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