Its a Winter Wonderfest!

With the weather getting colder it is becoming more and more of a challenge to find outdoor activities with A- and also keeping activities outside of the house fresh and exciting. Insert Navy Pier Winter Wonderfest here:

This past week we had the pleasure of visiting the Navy Pier Winter Wonderfest with friends. This event is especially special because A is now able to walk around by himself and really enjoys taking in all of the sites and sounds around him. And plus who doesnt love Christmas?

We opted for going to during the week to avoid long wait times, and in the hopes that the littles could roam more freely.This event was seriously sensory overload- not only for baby but for mama too. We were pleasantly surprised with the amount of "rides" or attractions that were not only included with the cost of entrance but also that were for the younger kids.

We started off with THE most delicious Apple Cider Donut I have EVER had. Now this comes from a girl who is tried and true in her preference for Apple Cider Donuts from Tanner's Orchard outside of my hubby's home town of Peoria. ( I think I can taste them now) MMMMMMM

Our little enjoyed bouncing in the kid friendly bounce house, playing in the ball "pit" where we could wrestle snowmen and just be silly.

We took a turn in the snowglobe- perfect for a photo-op get inside and throw fake snow at one another and have friends snap photos (you can also buy the ones they take on site)

Although A is a little young there were plenty of options for the older kids (or adults) too! a 170,000 SQ FT of Chicago Blackhawks Ice skating, more than 24 rides including an indoor ferris wheel, plenty of attractions and Christmas trees decorated in country themese from around the globe!

Not to mention Cotton Candy! (Ill save my obsession story for another post)

We often forget that we live in a city that is host to some of the most exciting and fun family friendly events around. Get out and get to playing with your littles this winter.


DECEMBER 5, 2015 TO JANUARY 10, 2016

Get your tickets: HERE

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