The Other Letter

If you have yet to see the IKEA promotional video that has gone viral the last week then grab the box of tissues now.

This video had me weeping like a baby- It was everything the warned me about, everything I dreamed about. Lets face it when you have a child your emotional rollercoaster of emotions can spiral from smiling happy to blabbering fumbling weeping maniac in 0.2 seconds. Mention anything of a sick or hurt kid and I just cant handle it!

This video did all of that. It did that not only because of the "when others cry i cry" effect, but also because it proves a point. We do not need all this crap. We dont need tons of gifts, we dont need to get our kids a million presents to open on Christmas morning. We need togetherness, time, love.

These "things" are the same things we yearn for when a loved one passes, or when a relationship ends. It is something to think about when running to the store for presents this year, or debating on whether or not to camp out for black friday.

Watch and prepare to cry.....


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