Tis' The Season of Giving

With Halloween just days away, the constant reminder of the Holidays are lingering in the air. Christmas music has started playing in the stores and on the radio (Seriously?) and our mailbox is filled with reminders of charitable donations.

All I cant think is.... REALLY? Already? Where did the year go? With that being said like anything else in my life it is time to embrace it. Think about all of the wonderful moments that are just around the corner, and how exciting it is to relive the joy of the holidays through my little boy.

And then there is the constant reminder of the people less fortunate. We do our fair share to fundraise and donate to charities as often as we can. For some a mailbox full of donation requests can be bothersome or annoying, but for me its a reminder.... a reminder to not only make those donations but a reminder that:

* I have a roof over my head

* I have a mailbox to check everyday

* I have a husband whos name is on some of that mail

* I am able to walk to my mailbox in my heated home comforted by clothing on my back and shoes on my feet.

These are all "reminders". And as sad as it sounds sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day we forget to think about these things.

My favorite place to donate to is Ronald McDonald House Charities- as you now probably know, My son was hospitalized shortly after birth. He was in the cardiac NICU at Lurie Children's here in Chicago. I had delivered him via C-section at a hospital on the north side, and spent 3 miserable days recovering post-op, while he and my entire family were at Lurie.

Once I was released from the Hospital we were so graciously allowed to stay at the Ronald McDonald House inside of Lurie Childrens. I could barely walk, and was having a hard time recovering myself, my Husband had to push me around in a wheelchair. The people of RMHOC surrounded us with love, care and comfort during our stay. If it were not for the opportunity to stay at the house we would not have been by his side as much as we were.

Ronald McDonald House Charities will always be like family to us.

I just received an email from their house in regards to their season of giving. And it opened with the following statement.

The gift of Love,

The gift of Comfort,

The gift of Togetherness…

May these be yours this holiday season!

THIS!!! This is everything! This reminds me of our stay at RMHOC- this reminds me of what we all wish for during the holidays, what make the holidays so memorable. TOGETHERNESS, LOVE AND COMFORT.

(You can make a donation to RMHOC and receive holiday cards in return HERE)

Please consider donating something, anything- even your spare change in a red bucket as you enter the grocery store, a unopened bottle of water to a passer-by who may look thirsty, stand up from your seat on the L for a stranger who may look tired- Tis' the season for giving, for sharing and for caring.



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