Push-Car DIY

Have you ever looked at your sun faded outdoor toys and thought to yourself you either need to junk them or get something new? Embarrassed to push your kids around while every other kid on the block has their shiny new wheels? Receive a hand me down from a friend or family member? Feel Guilt that you probably should have brought it inside for the winters?

Well if you have ever had any of those thoughts cross your mind youre just like me; guilty of it all. I purchased a pink/purple push car for my niece when she was a year old. At the time not thinking there would be little ones added to our clan (probably should have bought gender neutral)- yeah yeah pink is for boys too :)

Anyhoo- the outdoor toys have always been kept at my parents, and since my nieces have outgrown the push cars I thought we would bring it home for my now 10 month old to use.

I had no clue it would cause such a stir in my house for my husband to push my BOY around the neighborhood in a pink/purple car! And well truthfully I am too cheap to buy a new one- so I thought- TA- DA! Its time for a RENO BABY!

I started with this car: ( baby not included)

Headed to our local Home Depot and got things started!

You will need:

2 cans rustoleum paint (for plastics)

(I found the spray paint that was specifically for outdoor plastics adhered best- but since it only comes in a few colors I opted for a second can of traditional rustoleum paint- that stated it would work on plastics too)

MUST HAVE BUY: attachment for your spray paint cans that looks like a gun! OH MY GOSH! spray painting has never been so easy- no more finger pains! YOU CAN THANK ME LATER ;)

Painters Tape

Tools - phillips head/flat head and wrench for this specific car

Crafting Paint- I used leftovers from previous art projects

Puff Fabric Paint- also leftovers from previous art projects

I started by taking the car apart- well atleast what I could. Starting with the steering wheel, then handle, and belt- The tires were too difficult to remove so I just applied painters tape to the parts that I did not want painted HELLO WHITE RIMS!

I took the base/frame of the car outdoors (I have to say this- DO NOT spray indoors- not only is it bad to breathe in, in enclosed spaces BUT it also can get on your floors/furniture) I personally sprayed this car under our deck where there is white rock and also no one ever goes under there so a little black spray paint on some rocks would not hurt anyone!

After applying several coats and making sure it was nice and dry I brought it inside.

From here I used painters tape and applied it to the front and rear to make straight lines for the racing stripes. I used leftover matte grey crafting paint and starting applying it in thin coats until I liked the overall color. I let it dry completely before removing the painters tape.

SOME TIPS: keep your spray paint handy and spray some into a throw away cup and brush on, in case some of the paint leaks under the painters tape- that way you can touch up as needed.

I then hand painted the "eyes" area white, the "lights" area red with a circle of yellow around and let them continue to dry. (dont mind my feet)

Next was the fun part! The Speedometer and gears! I used leftover fabric puff paint! These work best because they have little tips and you essentially write the paint on- I could not imagine if I would have tried to hand paint these on!

After completing the car base- re-attaching the steering wheel and seat belt I returned outside to spray the push handle a candy apple red; to offset the black base paint of the car!

Someone is excited!

After allowing the handle to fully dry- I attached it back to the car and VOILA brand new wheels!

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