I guess its time... Baby Proofing

It is OFFICIALLY spring in Chicago- Weather is getting warmer (well occasionally) the flowers are blooming and we are still knee deep in our home remodeling/design.

While planting flowers, STILL unpacking boxes and trying to keep my sanity amongst the many things keeping me busy these days I also had to find ways to make our basement safe for A. Hes on the move and as we all know- "turn your head for a second and..."

A climbed the stairs this week- want to know how I know he learned how to do that? YOU guessed it- he fell backwards down from the second step- as I looked over just to catch him up two- he quickly came down. A few yelps later (no real tears) and some mama hugs I knew I needed to get on this whole baby proofing thing.

These are some pictures of our basement (before moving in) -



Moving day! New Carpet too!


Anyway you get the point- The basement has two sections- A living space- that also has a bar- and a tiled area with 2nd small kitchen- storage area and bathroom.

We needed to find a way to Keep A confined to the living space as well as keeping him away from the bar- and dogs bed (hidden between the two couches in corner)

Off to the baby store I went!

Like every other decision you have to make as a parent- there are just SO many options. If youre anything like me once I get a idea in my head Im off to the store- forget about waiting for Amazon to ship! I need my fix now!

We ended up with this plastic play-yard- well for many reasons, one was to have a special place just for our fur baby Sadie to call her own. Secondly it worked as a double function because it is large enough to also block off the electrical outlet that our couches (reclining) plug in to.'

we placed it between the two couches- so you can access it- through the get to let Sadie in or out! Who says this thing was made just for our "human" kids!

you can find it here


Secondly- we needed to stop A from getting to the stairs- no gate we found was stand alone that we would not have to drill in to the walls (although you can with this one too)- and frankly we had no where to drill in to in our awkward space. Que the next best thing:

Summer Infant Custom fit gate (find it here)

We LOVE this gate! It expanded enough to cover our space- it is able to stand alone (we secured the middle with zip ties to our basement foundation pole for extra support) and the door open and closes easy enough! Although most times we just olympic style hop over it- not recommended.


For the bar area- I received a couple of these from a friend- I honestly never knew if I would use them- but was thankful I had them because in this space I needed nothing fancy- just something practical that would keep A- out from crawling behind the bar- que glasses breaking or vodka drinking- no bueno.


find it here

The next step to finalizing our basement baby proofing is to fully wall mount the television- and entertainent center- Post coming soon!



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