Play Play Play Playroom!

We are a week in to our new home and my have we been busy! Painters, contractors meetings and design overload!

One of my MOST favorite rooms in the home is A's Playroom! The advantage of currently only having one babe is that one of the bedrooms in our new home can be designated just for toys and a place to let creativity run wild!

Growing up I truly enjoyed the arts; coloring, painting, drawing and crafting. When creating a space for A- I wanted to keep in mind all the things I loved as a child but also what a little guy may like too!

This is the room BEFORE:

Screen shot 2015-03-08 at 3.56.43 PM.png

First things first- I wanted to change the colors of the room- I absolute Dislike wallpaper so that was a big NO NO. I opted for basic white ceiling paint from the top of the wallpaper line to the ceiling and a bright yellow along the base of the room. I ended up with Benjamin Moore "delightful yellow"


You can find it at your local Benjamin Moore store or online here.

Next for me on the list was storage and a play table! Coloring and creating along with a place to store all of our small toys and books! Because the room slopes on each side I needed to make the most of my space and get something that would fit underneath the slope.

I made the BIG trip out to Schaumburg (suburb of Chicago) and headed to IKEA!

I ended up going with the Kallax storage cubes in white- why?!? because I had purchased these oh so awesome 3 Sprouts storage bins and Ikea was the only place that had cubes big enough to fit them (13x13x13). I went with two cubbies with 4 cubes each. If youre anything like me I change my mind alot- and I hate waste therefore I thought if I needed to ever move these it would be easier to find a place for them if they were two smaller units rather than one large.

Kallax 4 cube storage bin here.


3 sprouts storage bins are adorable! you can find them here-


Also while at Ikea- I found the most adorable table and chairs! Honestly I would have loved the round table of the same style but for my room the rectangle fit best.



Another key piece for the room was a place to crash- whether it be A, me, Daddy or a overnight guest (yeah for sleepovers!) we needed to have the space also be multi-functional. I went over and over in my mind- do I put a bed in there? yuck futons can be so hideous? And I ended up with an amazing futon from none other than Target. Not your first couch futon but modern, sleek and comfortable!

find it here


After adding some toys, books , bins from the "dollar days" at Target and some other fun art pieces VOILA! there you have it A's playroom! It most defintely needs some more "touch ups" but overall I am super happy with the outcome!


Until next time



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