Lions & Tigers.... & MEASLES........Oh My!!!!!

If you haven't already heard there are currently over 75 documented cases of the Measles amongst children and adults in the United States.

The outbreak began at Disney Land in California in January of this year. The United States has not seen Measles on our soil since the 90's.

As if I did not have enough things to worry about right?!?

And it seemed so distant- something that was a thought- "maybe I should pull A out of his play groups, or not take him to that music class." And then, BAM 5 infants under the age of one within the same daycare officially have Measles in ILLINOIS!

Now this isnt going to be a post arguing why or why not you should Vaccinate- why?? Because in my eyes there is no debate. Vaccinations ( if your child is not immune compromised) is a MUST.

My little guy is 7 months old today- just 5 months shy of his first round of the MMR (Measles, mumps & rubella) vaccine. If he were to contract measles it could be life threatening. Something that could and should be prevented! I just can not understand why someone would feel that the benefits outweigh the risks? It has been scientifically proven that Vaccines to not cause Autism- in fact the Doctor who made these claims has since denied them and no longer practices "medicine".

Then why? Why especially now would you put your child- and millions of other children especially those that cannot be vaccinated, due to age or immune deficiencies like Cancer at risk? A risk so great that they could DIE?

The CDC has not officially made a statement saying there is an epidemic- most likely to avoid mass hysteria. But if they do they will advise for a vaccine schedule for those younger than 12 months. All I can do right now is worry- worry about even taking my child to Target or the Grocery. All I can do is be fearful that if he were to catch it would he be ok? All I can do is pray- pray for the innocent to not catch Measles- and for the parents of those who choose not to vaccinate.




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