Honey We're Home!

Its been a long time coming- but we FINALLY own our very own home!

With just over 2 years of looking at countless homes under our belts we found the perfect little nest to call home.

Its amazing how the things we dreamed up in a house before having a baby seem like such distant memories now. (Although we still got a basement built in bar- BOOYA for late night parental activities)

So many thoughts went through our minds when looking for a home post baby-

Is the neighborhood safe NOW? -

What is within walking distance of us?

How are the schools?

We have a long time before we start planning Little A's education but it was on our minds when purchasing a home- luckily for us we seem to have found everything on our wishlist. We could not feel more blessed and humbled to have such an amazing house as our very first home.

I cant say that I am excited about the moving process though- it has been over 2 years since we last moved- in that time we got hitched and had a baby- meaning we are moving this time around with a gazillion more things that the last. We are fortunate enough to have extened our lease for a month after closing so we can slowly move some things over along with doing some DIY renovations.

Tell me- What are some ways to make moving with little ones easier?




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