Am I really making a Christmas wish list for a 5 month old?

You read that right- If your'e anything like me (control freak, with a side of OCD and possibly ADD ADHD) then the thought of receiving random holiday gifts from friends and family terrifies you..

My husband and I swore early on- we would never be that family that has toys piled high and all over the house we live by the saying "how many toys does he really need"- Enter baby book that said "switch out baby's carseat toys weekly or bi-weekly because babies get bored" BORED? are you kidding me?

So when it came to the holidays I made a wish list on Amazon and if anyone asked we politely told them we had a wish list they could view. I dont think I could have announced that we had a list- that just seemed tacky.

So some of my favorite items on Baby A's Amazon wish list include:

It may be a long time until he can use this BOON stash organizer- but I wanted something cute to add to the table in his future playroom- or heck even in my bathroom for all my accessories!

at $19.99 I think its a steal for cute organization


find it here

Since A is THE Windy City Bebe :) when I found this book I knew he just had to have it!

A must have for your urban baby!


find it here

Another great gift option for A or your little fashion babe are these adorable "bandana" bibs! A is in a stage where drool is everywhere- its non stop and hard to control. Living in the midwest where we have faced some pretty frigid temps as of late these bibs are a lifesaver. He wears them all day long! not only do they keep his neck warm, but they also prevent his shirt from getting soaked which can feel really cold after a while!

Thinking about making some to add to the shop soon... hmmmm


find them here

These are some of my favorite Holiday gifts from our wishlist! What are some things you plan to give or hope to receive this holiday season??



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