Gobble Gobble! Baby's First Thanksgiving!

This time last year I was a month pregnant- and we chose Thanksgiving to share our big news with my family! Fast forward a year- and here we are with a almost 5 month old little boy who is the absolute apple of our eyes.

A cold blew through our house this week- with Andrew sick and signs of it showing in me it was inevitable that little man was going to catch at the very least the tail end of it.

AND to top it all off TEETH!!!! Yep I said it- 4- 1/2 months old and two teeth coming in at the SAME TIME!

With a head cold- and two teeth making their way through he did surprisingly well, still filled with giggles and big smiles! Im going to go ahead and start to swear by the Baltic Amber teething necklace he wears everyday.

The natural oils released from the necklace and anklets are holistic pain relievers to reduce inflamation and pain associated with teething and various other ailments. Becoming widely popular in babies!!!

And the best part is! You can now buy them in the shop! Direct from Lithuania 100% Baltic Amber. Loose enough that there is no worry for choking, and each bead is individually strung so if one were to fall off they would not all slide off like most traditional beaded necklaces would.

Aside from the runny nose and big red eyes we used precaution, and Just to make sure we covered all of the potential pain that he could be feeling we used a couple of other techniques/products.


Breastmilk/Formula popsicles

OK! These are just awesome- and your little babe is bound to eat them up! Pretty simple really freeze breastmilk in ice cube trays-

we used oxo tot- because they double as freezing trays for our home made baby purees (ill share those in a future post)- We love them because they have slide on lids and make for easy stacking in an already crammed freezer.

I take one "cube" out at a time and place inside these awesome handheld silicone baby teethers by Boon. Unlike the other brands available which are typically mesh these will not break and you run no risk of the mesh breaking off into your little ones mouth.

Our little guy is just learning how to coordinate his hands- so besides the entertainment factor for us- he really seemed to enjoy them.

Now you can also use a traditional ice cube tray and stick in slices of carrot or apple to use as the "stick".

How do you cope with a teething babe??



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