Navigating Baby's First Airplane Ride!

And here we are, it was inevitable that we would have to fly someday, somewhere, somehow.

4 months old and his first flight to Arizona from Chicago. We packed it all- the bugaboo away in its massive travel bag, the carseat in a travel bag that could be carried like a backpack a 60 pound checked bag, a diaper bag and moms purse. Now that dad officially looks like a sherpa walking through the airport we are ready to rock and roll.


Thank god for American Airlines and their option for checking the stroller and carseat for free! Woohoo! Who doesnt like saving a buck or two?

After all- we spend a small fortune on our buggy and carseat only to have it destroyed by being thrown around through gate check? NO! We purchased the Bugaboo Cameleon3 with travel bag. First thing I thought when leaving the store with the bag "Youre never going to ACTUALLY use this thing" MAN WAS I WRONG. Best invention ever- stroller made its way without a scratch on it and bam bam it was assembled and ready to roll within minutes of it making its way out of baggage claim.

( you can buy your Bugaboo Travel bag here or if your'e local at Galt Baby )


The carseat travel bag is a no brainer! We purchased the Brica version not only for the durable canvas material but also the wheels and backpack straps- we all know that doing anything with baby requires full use of your hands so anything we strap onto our bodies works in our favor.

Knowing that if my carseat is involved in even the slightest bumper to bumper accident it has to be replaced did I really feel comfortable with it being tossed around during gate check? NO.

You can buy your very own BRICA car seat cover/carrier here. Or if your'e local at BUYBUYBaby Lincoln Park. (also please note: the beautiful people in the images below are models, and do not nearly depict myself or my husband :)


Our Ergo Baby carrier was put to use, and man oh man was it a lifesaver, like I mentioned above hands free is the way to go and the Ergo made for smooth travels through the airport while trying to maneuver crowds and long wait times.

On the plane we had the advantage of flying first class on our way to Tucson, (and let me just add if you can afford it and fit it into your budget even as a one time splurge- TOTALLY DO IT) I did not have to worry about anyone in my or baby's space as he nursed and well to be frank the Red Velvet cake and glass of wine was not too bad either. On our way back we flew coach as first was sold out- which was perfectly fine too, mostly because the lovely lady at the ticket counter gave us a row of three with one empty seat and also because I was packed and ready with this amazing contraption: The Fly Baby! If your'e like me you have ooh'ed and ahh'ed over this thing in the Sky Mall Catalogue. I was happy to stumble across it at Babies R' Us during a recent shopping trip. Basically its a hammock like bassinet that you attach to the hook on the tray table and the seatback in front of you and your sweet little babe can lounge around during flight (as long as seatbelt signs are off and you aren't taking off or landing)


Oh yeah and its a seat for chairs too! Perfect for airport travel without a stroller!


Buy your fly-baby here!

All in all- these key pieces made our travels much easier! Have any advice for other moms on your go to travel items? email us at WINDYCITYBEBE@GMAIL.COM to be featured! we love pics of your babe too!




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