Restaurant Spotlight: Moonshine

Smack dab in the heart of West Town/Wicker Park on Division street: MOONSHINE.

Not the name of place you would ever associate with a baby. BUT oh the contrary! A girlfriend and I brunched here with our babes this past Sunday. Nothing is better than Fall in the Windy- just perfect temps made for sweaters and scarves. Savouring the what could be our very last of our long buggy walks chatting over politics and the recent Ebola outbreak.. Sheesh...

on a lighter note....



The weather was perfect so we opted for a table outside- seated next to a table of 4 twenty something girls, gossiping about guys and dating (sigh) and a couple brunching together comes us.. two baby toting moms ready to devour the first thing in site.

and then....

Can I say Bloody Mary Bar?!? The bloody Mary's here come out perfect- but feel free to walk right up to the pre-made bloody bar- equipped with all the hot sauces, pickles, olives, cheeses and pepperoni slices this little mamas heart could desire!

After creating the perfect Bloody Mary- I opted for the Burger topped with Pepper Jack and Grilled onions and score it comes with fries. Woah that came out fast! Now im all for a good burger- BUT this burger was BOMB. not your pre-fab patty- but made from ground beef and tasted so fresh and so clean!

So I guess we lunched instead of brunched as no eggs were found on our plates- but the food was delish the atmosphere was totally baby friendly, the staff was great and the bloody's were better.

Its Baby A Approved!


Baby A

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