Road Trippin'

Baby A is officially 5 weeks old! With that comes our first road trip to Southern Indiana- a long 300 miles which takes roughly 5-6 hours when putting the pedal to the metal. Traveling down to visit family and attend my Aunt's bridal shower.

Before leaving I was so incredibly anxious.. worried mostly. Will he sleep the entire way? Will we have to stop every 20 minutes? Will I forget something... everything?

I miticulously packed our bags and the baby bags- jeesh who knew you needed so much stuff for one little person?!? Forgetting of all things FORMULA- eh its not like we were driving to a third world country, lets just say first stop Target!

I can recall counting in my head what seemed like hours of recorded advice from other Moms on what to do and how to do it, but when it comes down to it none of that matters. None of the planning, the researching, the fumbling through bookmarked pages on your phones browser. NONE OF IT MATTERS. This little human has a mind of his own, and guess what Mom, Im not so predictable.

He actually did great- slept the almost the ENTIRE way! One small town stop to a McDonald's to witness what seemed like the worlds biggest blowout poop- followed by circling the parking lot of Wal-mart for 20 minutes as he screamed. I have to say the trip down was a good one..

Now for that trip back....



Baby A

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