The Boob!

Bottle and Bottle and Bottles- not the kind this Windy City Mom was used to!

Its a different kind of bottle these days, and another of the many decisions mom has to make for baby. Another product with never ending options how is a first time mom supposed to decide?

Insert the BOOB!


Transitioning between breast and bottle can be quite hard and no two babies or boobs are the same so when it came to choosing my bottle mom chose the BOOB!

These bottles make transitioning between the breast to bottle and back a easy natural process. The shape of the nipple on the bottles simulates mommy's nipples and allows baby to easily "latch". The venting system prevents vaccuming effect to reduce symptoms of colic.

It comes in three materials:

The PPSU bottle: stands up to repeated sterilization, will not absorb odor or color and is BPA, phthlalate and lead free. (retail $16.99)


The PP bottle: has the same advanced system as the PPSU but is amde from PP (Polypropelene) a very durable plastic that is cost effective. It is available in clear, blue and purple and is also BPA, phthlalate and lead free. ( retail $9.99)


Boob Glass Bottle: Just like the good old days- glass bottles have been around forever! Glass does not absorb odor, color or taste these bottles can withstand a sudden temperature change of 176/80. (with sleeve to protect breakage when dropped retail $21.99)

You can buy Joovy Boob Bottles here:

Joovy website

Or- if you are a Windy City Mama check them out at Buy Buy Baby in Lincoln Park!

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