Diaper Bag Dilemma

Like most products for baby there are just TOO many options! How is a first time mom supposed to know what is the "best" product on the market, which one is the safest? which one outlasts the others?

Well when it comes to diaper bags its all personal... Personal style that is!

When shopping for the perfect diaper bag ask yourself the following:

How do you plan to use this bag?

Are you a big city mom (like my mommy) who will be out during the day pushing a buggy for extended periods of time?

How do you plan to carry the bag? Backpack- Messenger-shoulder?

Do you plan to have more than one child? (longevity of bag)

How much are you willing to spend?

AND will Dad ever use the bag? (more often than not he wont want to be walking around town with the floral petunia pickle bottom!)

Since this Windy City baby will spend most of his time with Mommy on the go- we had to make sure to pick a diaper bag that had more than one purpose, holding diapers, everyday necesseties, toys and most of all fit in with Mommy and Baby's Chic style!

These were our top 2 picks!

Coach Saffiano Leather Diaper Bag (Available in a variety of colors)

Why we love this bag:

Its leather, meaning it will wipe clean of messes and stay strong during our tough windy city winters filled with flying slush and snow! We also love the compartments- perfect for all the little things- pacifiers, bottles, diapers and wipes!

Not to mention mom can use this bag long after baby as it is the perfect transitional bag- perfect for work or travel!

Find it here: Coach

Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 10.32.18 PM.png

Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 10.32.39 PM.png

Marc Jacobs Eliza B Baby Bag: Retail $298

Our DAD pick!

Why we love this bag:

Its Nylon baby- meaning it is super baby/kid friendly! It can be spot cleaned or thrown in your washing machine for easy maintenance. It has many compartments to hold bottles and all of babies accessories. It doesnt look like a diaper bag?!? Funny how that works huh? making it a great bag for transition after baby giving it longevity use it for a gym bag, travel bag or for work!

It also comes with a coordinating changing pad!!!!

And best of all Dad loves this bag too! Meaning he wont be shy about carrying this one around!



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