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Living in the Windy City and being an urban kid has its perks, but most of the time it means we live in condos, and high rises and have smaller living spaces to run and play.

While shopping for baby "must haves" mom kept that in mind while also wanting to maintain a chic vibe.

Insert the Bloom Fresco Highchair!


This high chair gained notoriorty on the hit show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" when Kourtney purchased it for her then newborn son Mason. The highchair accomodates a child from birth all the way up to 5 years, as it transitions from a newborn lounger (at table height- yes please!) to a traditional highchair to a regular chair! The base can swivel and be lowered or raised depending upon the height of your table! Not to mention you can customize the chair to your own tastes! The base comes in black, white, chrome and Dark Chrome- you can also choose the color for your inserts ranging from neon pink to black snakeskin!

My mom went to the basics when she chose the color combo for my fresco! Black and grey snakeskin insert!


You can purchase your very own Bloom Fresco Highchair in Chrome or Silver on Giggle

or if you are local in Chicago stop in Galt Baby


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