Whats in Your Bag?

Its almost game time!

While my mom patiently awaits my arrival she has time to pack his (mine) and hers hospital bags!

Packing takes precise planning and reviewing as we dont want to bring too much or too little; and have dad running for items every five minutes!


These are some of the key pieces found in both of our bags!

My bag!

Mommy ordered me a monogram tote to carry all of my bits and pieces to and from the hospital! you can find a similar one here at Pottery Barn Kids

Or if you are local and have a favorite bag you would like monogrammed or are in search of a tote swing in All She Wrote in Lincoln Park and they can monogram practially anything!

Mom packed me the perfect going home outfit! Snuggly and warm! A long sleeved onesie and matching pants embellished with knee pads (so chic already) She also made sure to add matching socks, hat and gloves (no scratching please)!

Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 9.58.37 PM.png

Similar products found at Baby Gap in their newborn essentials!

In Her Bag!

Lets be honest moms have "birth plans" but sometimes those plans have other plans! And just in case you want to be as comfortable as possible after baby enters the world! Mom chose this comfy yet chic two piece maternity set , equipped with robe and nightgown to make her hospital stay and first days at home as "normal" as possible! (Find it here)

Screen shot 2014-09-13 at 10.17.35 PM.png

Other essentials in moms bag include:

Slippers for walking the halls and room after delivery

Flip flops for the shower- (watch out for those $1 Old Navy sales- perfect if you do not plan to keep them)

Chapstick/lipgloss- Hospitals are dry- keep your pout hydrated and there WILL be lots of photos taken!

Camera/Phone- Take lots of pictures, and the phone works double duty to play music!

Toiletries- bringing your own shampoo/conditioner/deodorant is key- make sure to hit the travel section at your local Target!


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