Daddy's Night Out

I decided to take Andrew on a "Daddy Date" before Baby arrived, a one last special date night that was just about him, the things he likes and the food he loves.

Soon our lives will be filled with goo-goo's, ga-ga's and the pitter patter of little feet and somewhere those date nights will be a distant memory and our old lives will be lost in translation. As we much look forward to and anticipate our new life as parents I wanted to embrace our life right now, the life that we share just the two of us.

I surprised Andrew with his favorite bottle of Scotch, his go to tater chips, tickets to Aziz Ansari comedy show at the Chicago Theatre and dinner at one of our favorite date night spots Cafe Ba Ba Reeba in Lincoln Park.

I know he was surprised and I was so happy to do this for him. The spotlight has been on me and everything baby- and I wanted to remind him just how special he is to me, and how much he is a part of this too!

Tell me what have you done for your special somebody before welcoming baby?



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